West Java Indonesia 2013-ongoing project

The title ‘Cheese’ is taken from Indonesian photographer habits when shooting photos or family group, objects to provoke a smile, by bringing together objects to shout ‘Cheeeeseeeee’. Whether starting from when, as has become a habit for direct object.

In this project, how a family represented? Family photos in photography today can be interpreted into two major narrative, namely how they represent themselves in photography, and how they treat photography as a means of recording, or perhaps, the way they talked about their families. Moreover the audience can see how the family identity of Bandung in Indonesia, especially family photos.

The concept of this project is to involve the community as much as possible, or better known as “participatory art”. I make induction regarding this project through social media, and community volunteer sending pictures of his family. Of the many family photos that were sent to my email, I chose three families that I think representatives.