“Photography is a medium, nothing more.”

Born 1985 in Garut, Indonesia. He’s an alumnus of Universitas Padjadjaran Communication Science Majoring Journalism and Postgraduate of Institut Teknologi Bandung Faculty of Fine Art, Bandung, Indonesia. In 2014 he enrolled as an photography lecturer in Universitas Padjadjaran and an assistant of photography laboratory.

Journalism brought me to the world of the fine art. My fascination of art set off when I frequently read about philosophy literature to enrich my visual and literary insights. Fine art and journalism constantly happen to be the fundamental approaches in each works of mine, whilst my personal daily life triggers every feature of my works, since I regard myself as the reproduction of the civilization. Thus, every minuscule details of mine representing myself were constructed by those realities.

I supposed that photography today has to be seen democratically. Not to be merely limited on the genre dichotomy which leads to the fetish-ing to some particular genre. Photography without a doubt turns out to be the medium in exerting myself, in this way can be seen in my works. The boundaries of conventional photography material had been eradicated. Sharp data analysis becomes the main ingredient of my works, as well as how one simple data can be much more interesting to be questioned to.

Daily basis and photography are the significant keyword to enter each and every works of mine. There be elegiac reality, metaphor, and humour with the intention of completely fulfilling all sense needs. As been exhibited in several galleries in Indonesia and overseas, Jakarta Biennale #14 in 2011, 2012 ASEAN-Korea Centre exhibition entitled “Asean self-portrait” at the Seoul Museum of History, International Singapore Biennale of Photography Festival 2012, SPOT ART on 2013 Singapore Biennale, ART|JOG|14 entitled “Legacy of Power”, and last but not least in 2015 at Mes56 . He also received divers scholarships as in 2009, “Angkor Photography Workshop” in Siem Reap, Cambodia, with Antoine D’Agata from Magnum Agency and Workshop with Françoise Huguier from VU Agency as his mentor. In 2011 he received a Diploma Program of Photojournalism scholarship from Ateneo de Manila University.